Uncategorized · 2 May, 2021

Grace Lin

The cover of Grace Lin's WHEN THE SEA TURNED TO SILVER.
The cover of Grace Lin’s When the Sea Turned to Silver.

I have just started reading When the Sea Turned to Silver, a novel by Grace Lin. So far, the story is very interesting and the illustrations in the book are amazing. If you want to know more about Grace Lin, this interview is probably a good place to start.

我刚刚开始阅读格蕾丝·林(Grace Lin)的小说《当大海变成白银时》。 到目前为止,这个故事非常有趣,书中的插图也非常出色。 如果您想进一步了解Grace Lin,那么这次采访可能是一个不错的起点。